Rentadesk in the Press


Gimme 5: Websites for hot desking in London
— City A.M.

Rentadesk has offices all over London ... highest up on their list is the chance to “share with friendly, talented, and inspirational people.”
— The Guardian

Don’t want to work alone? Rent a desk instead...
— The Independent

There is something to be said about the feeling of going ‘out’ to work and coming home again.
— Evening Standard

Clever freelancers are making the most of flexible new work spaces
— London Lite

Whether you are a start-up, a small business, working virtually or just need a bit of extra space, hiring a desk can be a useful and flexible alternative to going all out for a new office
— Real Business

Renting a desk space is great for work-life balance, and offers small businesses an opportunity to be a part of an exiting work environment
— Costco Magazine