Laurynas Karvelis, Programmer

Laurynas Karvelis, Programmer


Artist House. I joined Rentadesk as I needed a space to focus and get my work done without distractions. I've been in London for four years but I've never worked anywhere like this before. I'm originally from Lithuania, a country of basketball.


I chose the full-time hot desk package with extra storage space to leave my laptop stand overnight. Being a hotdesker means I don't have a permanent desk, but that suits me. I prefer choosing a different desk every day. I pick a different seat depending on my mood that day. Some days I like to be near the radiator. Other days, the window. Know what I mean?


Being a night owl I love to wake up late, so usually I get to the office around 11.30am. I put my headphones on and rock. I listen to random genres on Spotify, from classical music to drum and base.


Usually I finish between 6 and 7pm. I'm most productive in the afternoon and evenings, that’s when I really get really into the zone and get my work done. After work, I often go bouldering which is a new kind of indoor climbing they do at Vauxwall, under Vauxhall Bridge. I go alone, as it allows me to concentrate and clear my mind. On the nights I don’t go there, I head straight home to sit on my couch, play PS4 and think about what I need to do tomorrow.


Living in Elephant and Castle the commute is wonderful. It’s 20 minutes to Holborn by bus from the stop by the station. Once I'm at Holborn I know it’s only another five-minute walk to the office (and my coffee).


Some Rentadeskers bring interesting leftovers from last night’s dinner but I don't cook much, so I never do! Luckily there are lots of local cafes to choose from. At the moment I'm into toasted ciabattas with salmon or chicken. I bring my lunch back to the office to eat at the communal table, with a cup of tea I make in the kitchen. Then I'm good to go for the second part of the day.


The Bush and Fields café on Museum Street – it’s Italian, even though it doesn't sound like it! I never go anywhere else. When I like something, I stick with it. I'm very loyal.


The Plough pub is just next to the office, so a little crowd of us from Rentadesk usually go there on Friday evenings to have a few pints. It’s always good fun – we have a laugh.


Usually I work as a Javascript contractor in various companies in central London. I started my first company aged 18. My mind never rests – I find myself constantly generating ideas. This time is special to me, as finally I got the guts to kick-start a new project called that enables contractors like me to find new jobs painlessly and completely avoiding recruiters. I truly enjoy not just the results of my work but the entire process. I’m enjoying the “now moment” that Rentadesk is giving me.


Being able to wake up when I want, and come to work when I want. Meeting new and interesting people, exchanging ideas and hearing new suggestions is priceless to me. For example, Rentadesk ran a lunchtime session recently where we gave feedback on each other’s websites – that was very useful for me. I love that Rentadesk is peaceful yet friendly. That feeling of getting work done in a place that’s not my home is beautiful to me. 


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