Night Owl Hot desk

Night Owls get to use Rentadesk between 6pm and 9:30am weekdays and any time during the weekends. If you're starting a business while keeping your nine to five, then this is the cost effective way to start a business and meet with like minded startups - at minimal risk, and without ending your day job.

Our Night Owl Hotdesk subscription allows you to subscribe to any of our normal 'daytime' hotdesking subscriptions with a discount off the normal price.

Hot desking allows you to use any available hotdesk, turn up whenever you like within the Night Owl hours, no appointment necessary. Just remove your items from your hot desk when you leave.

What do you get?

  • Use of any available hotdesk
  • Use of the internal breakout areas
  • Free access to wifi
  • Free tea, coffee and milk and snacks
  • Optional use of Printing, Storage Boxes, Security Lockers

Ready to start? Tell me more about being a Night Owl!