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Create a great Members Profile

Do you want to maximise your success? Help us make you successful by adding as much information as possible to your members profile - this allows other members to find you, know what you do and help you or to use and recommend your services. If you are invisible to other members then opportunities will be missed! 

On your profile page click on each of the tabs (Basics, Photo, Contact, Services, About) and add as much information as possible. It's very important to have a recent headshot photo and tagline on the Photo tab (not your company logo) as that gets printed on the office noticeboard. The contents of the tagline and Services tab are searchable from the members directory. No cat pictures please we want to see a close-up of your lovely face - your LinkedIn photo would be perfect!

How to connect to Rentadesk members

We're a friendly bunch at Rentadesk so don't be afraid to say hello! Check out our members site where you can search for member skills, book a meeting room and view our business book library.

Access to the building

Rentadesk Central

You will be securely emailed your access codes the day before your start date (as long as you have set up your direct debit and created your members profile). Please keep your access information safe and secure it uniquely identifies you as present in the building. If the information has been compromised you must tell us immediately so that we can supply you with a new access information and deactivate the old one. Do not share your access details with anyone else.

The building has a set of key holders (these are people who come in early, or leave late). If you need a key, then after your first week at Rentadesk you can request one via the Keyholder Agreement Form.

Rentadesk West

On your first day please collect your building security access card during normal business hours.

Access to your office

If you have private office membership, note that some offices have a pin entry security system. The office pin is unique to each office and must not be disclosed to anyone not resident in that office. When you are the last to leave your office (for lunch or at the end of the day for example) for security reasons please ensure windows are closed and the office door is locked. If you are the last to leave at night please turn off all lights and lower/close the blinds.

Your Security

We have cameras onsite for your safety. If you see someone acting suspiciously please do not hesitate to contact us on

Connecting to the Internet

Wireless access points are named and located as follows:-


RENTADESK-35-1 (located on lower floor)
RENTADESK-35-2 (located on upper floor)

RENTADESK-35-2-LOWER (located on lower floor)
RENTADESK-35-1-UPPER (located on upper floor)

RENTADESK WEST (UNIT C401 Westfield LONDON Shopping Centre)

RENTADESK (recommended)
RENTADESK-24 (for older 2.4 GHz wireless devices that can't connect to RENTADESK)


RENTADESK-26-0 (located on lower ground floor)
RENTADESK-26-1 (located on ground floor)

Please connect to the access point closest to you which should give the strongest signal. The password can be obtained by asking any other member or looking at the noticeboard in the kitchen or communal area. 

To maintain security the passwords will be changed from time to time, when we do this you will be notified a few days in advance via email and the communal noticeboard, so please be sure to read the noticeboard within the kitchen or communal area as otherwise you will not be able to connect to the internet when the password is changed.


Read the Rentadesk printer guide for further information.


If you have a mailing-only service then we will email you when mail arrives, otherwise we expect you to check your mail whenever you use your desk space. 

If the mail person buzzes please let them in by pressing the 'key' icon on any of the wall mounted entry-phones or the 'A' button on our remote key-fobs. Sign for any mail (and we mean ANY mail! Don’t worry if the mail ends up not for a Rentadesker - we will sort that out later)
If you are a desk user and have a mailing address the mail is held in the office mailbox sorted in company name sequence (or your last name if you don't have a company name). If it’s not picked up within a week the mail is moved to the secondary mailbox to it's right.
If you have a mailing-only subscription then the mail is stored in a separate mailbox for mailing-only members.


Please keep your work area as tidy as possible to help keep cleaning costs, and subsequently your membership cost to a minimum. Do not store any items under your desk. Put food and drink waste into the kitchen bin. The cleaner visits Monday to Saturday, her name is Iveta, she's from Latvia and she's quite possibly the best cleaner in the world :) - be nice to her as she keeps everything smelling of roses.

Desk Usage, One person - one desk

Desks are for use by the registered person only.

Hot Desk Etiquette

If you're only popping out for lunch it's ok to leave your stuff on the desk. Please clear the desk when you leave for the day. If you have used a communal monitor, place it back to the area where it was stored.


Please do not play amplified music at any time. Earphones are acceptable as long as they do not disturb your colleagues and are not audible to others.


Please turn off your equipment before leaving at the end of the day. If you are the last to leave the office please turn off the lights. If you need a machine to stay on overnight please inform us otherwise the cleaner may turn it off.


Your desk area is not suited for receiving clients or having meetings as it disturbs your colleagues with which you are sharing the space. It is best to do this by booking the meeting areas on the members website, or in one of the many local cafés. You should meet visitors at the office door when they arrive. Let them in by pressing the access symbol on the intercom. Escort visitors at all times while they are onsite. You are personally responsible for their supervision, and if any security breaches occur you are responsible for any theft or loss. Don't let them wander!

When providing visitors directions on how to get to your office, you may find these instructions useful:


Artist House, 1st Floor 35 Little Russell Street, WC1A 2HH. We're the blue door between the green gates of the Pilates Centre on the left, and the red door of the Cartoon Museum on the right. Press the 1st floor intercom and when you hear the buzzer, push open the blue door, walk up the stairs, and through the office door on your left (no need to knock on the office door).


Unit C401 Westfield Shopping Centre, Ariel Way, W12 7FD. Turn left out of Shepherds Bush tube station and it's the first door on the left before Cafe Nero. We're up the stairs on the right.


Bloomsbury House, Ground Floor, 26 Bloomsbury Street, WC1B 3QJ. Press the [Ground Floor | Lower Ground Floor] intercom and when you hear the buzzer walk in. We're the [1st | 2nd] office on the [left | right].

Fire Alarm Tests


The all-floor alarm test occurs every week (alarm rings once). No need to leave your desks.


A full fire evacuation test occurs every 6 months. The fire exit is via the front door and meeting point is on the opposite side of the street to the building.


When paying a visit to the throne rooms please make sure that everything is clean and fresh when you have finished. Please do not flush paper hand towels down the toilets as they will block the toilet and flood the kitchen. Place them in bins provided. The bins within the toilet area itself are meant for general non-food waste.


Strictly no smoking is allowed in the building, gardens or within 15 feet of the building. Do not litter the outside of the building with cigarette ends. The council fines £100 for littering and the CCTV is situated just outside our building. If you do smoke outside, do not smoke anywhere near the open windows of the office, do not leave the front door on the latch as this carries the smell into the building and also poses a security risk.


When storing your own stuff in the allocated kitchen cabinets or fridge be sure to write your initials on it using the supplied red marker. Anything that doesn't have initials on it is considered communal and can be used by anybody.

We have supply deliveries each week for coffee, tea, milk, biscuits etc. If anything runs out before that please let us know and we'll get it straight away.

Please do not leave dirty items in the sink or on your desk. Return all dishes to the kitchen before you leave for the day and in the case of lunch, immediately after you have eaten your lunch, do not leave on your desk overnight. All food waste should be placed in the kitchen bin.

Keep the kitchen spotless for the benefit of your fellow members and their visiting clients or guests.


Large boxes should be flat-packed and placed adjacent to kitchen bin at the end of the day with the word ‘RUBBISH’ written in large red letters using a thick pen marker. The red pen marker is located in the kitchen. Within the kitchen area we have a red bin for general waste and a green bin for recyclable waste.

Changing Subscription

You can change subscription here



1st Floor
35 Little Russell Street


Unit C401 Westfield London Shopping Centre
Ariel Way
W12 7FD

Bloomsbury House

26 Bloomsbury Street

Thanks again for choosing Rentadesk! 
The Rentadesk Team