No deposit - 7 Day Money Back Guarantee

£45+VAT /month

This is our most affordable membership and a step up from working from a coffee shop! 

Free bean-to-cup coffee and biscuits, with 100x faster wifi than your average coffee shop.

With access from 9am - 5pm each weekday, this membership is perfect for international travellers, global nomads and students alike that are looking to pop in occasionaly.

If you want to keep your expenses to a minimum while gaining the opportunity to become part of the Rentadesk co-working community, take advantage of our first come first served Communal Lounge membership.

Occasional use of our communal lounge areas including use of our fully equipped kitchen and washrooms. Free Bean-To-Cup coffee, tea and biscuits with special treats on Fridays.

Turn up whenever you like, no appointment necessary. 

Optional services include Hot Desk PAYG to allow working on individual Hot Desks for you or a colleague, Private meeting rooms, Colour Printing, Security lockers and Storage boxes.