Friendly Shared Office Space In Bloomsbury For Freelancers

Have you found yourself going 'stir crazy' working from home? Bored from the lack of social contact? Or how about all the distractions that pull you away from work every day?

We know exactly what it's like because we're all Freelancers at Rentadesk, and have worked from home at some point in our careers.

If you're looking for a friendly, warm and open place to run your business from, where you won't get distracted or interrupted - then you've found it.

But it's a lot more than that. Let me explain.

Who Is Rentadesk?

We understand what it's like to work from home. First you need to discipline yourself to crawl out of bed before lunchtime. Then you need to ensure you avoid the TV.

And once you've managed that, you must force yourself to sit at your desk and not wander off into the kitchen every 10 minutes for yet another procrastinating cup of coffee. And on and on.

So I decided to do something to help. I set up the perfect environment for freelancers like yourself. A place you will want to go to every day because it makes your business real. A place where you can meet other like-minded freelancers (and maybe even find a new client or two).

Open, Warm Environment

A place designed from the outset for people who want an open and warm environment with plenty of room including quiet areas where you can bring clients.

A place where you can be yourself and join a caring, thriving community.

And that place is what we call Rentadesk.

We are situated in Bloomsbury just a hundred yards from the British Museum. We are surrounded by beautiful architecture. And we have some great pubs and restaurants nearby.

Central London Address

We are also just five minutes away from the Northern, Central and Piccadilly lines. There's also a Boris bike park one minute away if you need to go somewhere fast and keep fit at the same time.

We are completely flexible with the space you choose, from a fixed desk to hot desking, from full time to casual. And you can upgrade or downgrade whenever you want.

Every space within the building is slightly different. We don't believe in regimented rows of desks. Instead we have intelligent lighting design, plenty of airy windows and comfy chairs.

You can start immediately. There's no deposit so you are not tied to a complicated contract.

Great Value

Need to work at a client site for a few months? We have hot desk holidays so you can take a subscription-free break.

We have fast fibre optic internet access and colour printing facilities so you can get your work done without interruption and won't be left trying to figure out any technical stuff.

Friendly Community And Free Business Mentoring

On top of that we have a wonderful community of freelancers, independent workers and entrepreneurs with accountability buddies if you need them and regular free mentoring and coaching.

We hold BBQ's in the summer open to all and there are plenty of meeting spaces if you want to chill out with another Rentadesker or discuss business with a client.

We are all freelancers together and that's part of the magic of Rentadesk.

Book a free tour today. We'd love to see you.