How to create a vanity bitcoin address

how to create a vanity bitcoin address

Want your own bitcoin address with a custom prefix?

Here's how to create a customised bitcoin address quickly and safely.

1. First get yourself a wallet (read my Introduction to Bitcoin blog post if you don't have a wallet).

2. Open your web browser and navigate to these two web sites: and Notice the web address of every page starts with ‘https:’ this means the data you send and receive on that page is encrypted in transit.

3. On the BitcoinVanity site enter your desired prefix, starting with a '1', then click 'Get Prefix'. Why the '1' at the start? All bitcoin addresses must start with a '1'.

For a free prefix you'll need to choose approximately four or fewer characters, depending on the actual characters chosen e.g. '1Dave' would be free, anything over four characters will cost money, e.g. '1BLEDDYN' cost me 0.2BTC anything over seven will cost a LOT with 9 chars e.g. '1RENTADESK' being 'too hard' to brute force a solution.

4. Now the BitcoinVanity site will display 'Your-Part-Public-Key' and a 'Your-Part-Private-Key'. Ignore these, as for extra security we now navigate to the site.

5. On the site click on the 'Vanity Wallet' tab, and click on 'generate' to create the public and private keys. Keep the private key SAFE (you will use it later). Paste the Public Key into the 'Your-Part-Public-Key' box on BitcoinVanity site.

6. Click 'submit' on the BitcoinVanity Site, then click 'StatusPage'.

7. The status page will refresh every minute. When the status reads 'done' enter 'your-part-private-key' and click OK. A short vanity prefix will only take minutes, whereas '1BLEDDYN' took 17 hours.

8. Click 'Calc Private Key in Wallet Import Format' and enter the 'Your-part-Private-key' that you kept from step 5.

9. Click 'Get Key'. The results will show RESULTS: your vanity address and private key.

10. Login to your MyWallet bitcoin wallet account, click on Import/Export, paste the private key obtained in step 9 into the private key box, then click 'Add Private Key'. 

You now have a vanity bitcoin address added to your wallet.