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Tanya  de Grunwald, Freelance journalist and blogger

Tanya  de Grunwald, Freelance journalist and blogger


Artist House. I've been a Rentadesker since 2007 and have worked at all the offices at some point, although I’ve come and gone. People often do that. They’ll be there for six months, then working in-house for a client for three months, then come back again. I think the nature of freelance life means we like to keep shaking things up. 


I'm a full-time hotdesker, including a locker where I stash my laptop overnight.


Usually around 10.30am. I know, it’s shameful! But public transport is much quieter then. I can't handle the morning rush hour.


I often get ‘in the zone’ around 4pm, so I usually stay until 7pm. Unless I'm going to Chiswick Bootcamp, a fitness class on my local common – then I leave at 5.15pm. The evening rush hour is pretty horrible, but I forget all about it when I'm doing press-ups while being yelled at by our trainers, Rose and Josh.


I catch the 94 bus from outside Turnham Green Station to Shepherd’s Bush Green. From there I jump on the Central Line to Tottenham Court Road. Door to door, it’s 45 minutes. People complain about commuting, but having geographical distance between your home and work creates a healthy psychological distance too. I rarely work at home for that reason.


I bring my own and make it in the kitchen. On Monday mornings, I buy salad and tomatoes from Morrison’s on New Oxford Street. During the week, I mix and match with feta cheese, hummus, salami and leftovers from home. Sometimes I treat myself to sushi from Wasabi on a Friday. I always eat at the big communal table and I'll have a chat with whoever is around.


Inside the Arthur Probsthain Bookshop opposite the British Museum, there’s a lovely little tea room called Tea and Tattle. It’s run by Leslie, (whose father was Arthur's great-nephew), and her sons Chris and Tim. They do a great flat white, using Monmouth Coffee.


Dorothy Perkins on the corner of Tottenham Court Road and New Oxford Street. The girls who work there are really cheerful.


The Old Crown on New Oxford Street is fun on a Friday. Just watch where you put your drink. The tables aren't entirely flat and drinks glasses sometimes slide off.


Writing careers and money features for Glamour and Cosmopolitan. I also run my own careers advice website, Graduate Fog, which includes campaigning for fair pay for interns. Not enough people know that it's illegal to have unpaid interns. It also unfairly excludes people who can't afford to work for free. London is an expensive city - it isn't reasonable to ask anyone to work for free, no matter what stage of their career they're at.


Some of my really good friends are people who I met through Rentadesk. People come and go, so it’s always changing – and it’s fun to keep meeting interesting new people doing weird and wonderful things. Also, I love not being at home. I tried it for a while, but I went a bit loopy.


'Rentadesk People' is a series of interviews self-written by the wonderfully talented and eclectic mix of people who grace us at Rentadesk. If you'd like to become part of the community visit us and say hello!